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Jack Russel

soul level
animal communication®

How it is that animals understand things I do not know,

but it is certain that they do understand.

Perhaps there is a language which is not made of words

and everything in the world understands it.

Perhaps there is a soul hidden in everything and it can always speak,

without even making a sound to another soul. 

~Frances Hodgson Burnett

what is it?

You love your animals and want to take the best care of them but sometimes it is hard to know what they need from you or why they are exhibiting certain behavior. Or maybe you are missing your animal who has passed and want to know they are okay. An animal communication session can help.   

Session Format

Choose a brief conversation (one question) with one animal (25 minutes) or a more in depth conversation with that animal (55 minutes). Or spend time exploring the unique relationship and dynamics between you and two of your animals (55 minutes). 


During all sessions you will receive intuitive information about your personality and the personality of your animal(s), have the opportunity to ask your animal(s)1-4 questions as time allows, and then learn about the Soul Lesson your animal is teaching you and how you can work with them to learn this lesson.   

Conversations with animals can include topics on the physical 3-D level such as food preferences and favorite toys. In a Soul Level Animal Communication® session the conversation will also include how your animal is helping you grow and evolve. Because you have a unique relationship with your animal, this information may not apply to other family members. Please schedule separate sessions for other members of your household or book a 55 minute appointment so two of you have an opportunity to talk with one animal.

  • Zoom call (video off); you may request a recording of the call for personal and private use only

  • Connect with any type of animal, bird, fish, horse, reptile, etc. in a physical body or on the other side

  • No animal photo needed

  • Your animal does not need to be with you during the call

Please review this handout prior to your session:

What to Expect During a Soul Level Animal Communication® Session

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care;

please contact your veterinarian for medical needs.

Read full Disclaimer

Schedule and pay below via PayPal.

25 Minute
Animal Communication

One Animal -- One Question


Personality and Soul Lesson


55 Minute
Animal Communication

2 animals,1-2 questions each


1 animal, 2-4 questions


Personality and Soul Lesson


Girl with Horse

Pet Loss
Support Package

55 Minute Animal Communication


45 Minute Energy Therapy


45 Minute Caring Conversation


What my Clients say


I actually took your advise or the communication of my dog, which was to trust him more and that he would be OK off the lead. So we went for a walk that morning around the neighbourhood without the lead on. He did everything I asked of him. Everything. I am so pleased with the results already. 

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