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Below are some classes I have personally taken and highly recommend! If you are interested in developing your intuitive senses, learning animal communication or Energy Healing, these are great opportunities to learn.

intuitive development
Soul Level Psychic Development 101®
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Although we’re all born with psychic abilities, we’re taught to push down and dismiss them because they aren’t part of the “normal” world. Luckily, it’s always possible to re-discover them! In this online course, taught by Soul Level Intuitive and Animal Communicator Danielle MacKinnon, you’ll learn how to work with your Spiritual Guides to fast-track your psychic development.


Taught in six easy-to-understand, pre-recorded video lessons, delivered one per week straight to your inbox, Danielle walks you through her Soul Level Psychic process for intuition development. This aint your average psychic development course!


animal communication
Soul Level Animal Communication 101® Course
Find out what your animal REALLY wants you to know!
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Soul Level Animal Communication®, created by animal communicator, Danielle MacKinnon helps you learn psychic connection with animals. Through the Soul Level Method® you’ll discover how to harness the deep wisdom animals offer, that so many of us miss. In this Soul Level Animal Communication 101® course you’ll:

  • Learn how to psychically talk with animals and find out what they really want you to know!

  • Find out the WHY behind your pet’s behavioral problems

  • Learn the four types of intuitive animal communication

  • Deepen the connection between you and your beloved pets

  • Trust what you hear, see, and feel when you connect with your pet

  • Practice with animals that are currently living and that have passed over

Animals are innately psychic. Tap in to that with this course, and just 17 minutes of practice per day!

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