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Pet Loss Support:
caring conversation

Are you navigating the emotional journey of your pet's end-of-life?

Looking for resources or information to assist you?

Grieving the passing of your beloved animal?

Want to share stories about your animal with a compassionate listener?


Experience the healing power of a Caring Conversation.

Your story matters. Your animal matters. You matter.

what is it?

The physical death of a beloved animal is one of the most painful things we can experience.


As much as our human family and friends love and care for us, sometimes they don't understand the depth of our love for our animal, the important decisions we are making as our animal's health declines, and the pain and grief we feel after their passing. 


If you would like to talk with someone who understands this type of pain and can bear witness to the special love you have for your animal, I would be honored to hear your story. Whether you want to talk about your journey with your pet after they received a terminal diagnosis and your plans for the remaining time you have together or share your grief after their passing, I am here to offer a listening ear and space for you to share what is in your heart. If you are looking for information and resources to assist you on your journey, such as ideas for honoring your pet, I can help.

Session Format

  • Zoom call (with or without video, your preference); you may request a recording of the call if you wish for personal and private use

  • You decide the focus of the conversation depending on what is in your heart or on your mind at that time.

    • End-of-Life Planning for Your Pet

      • Share Your Journey: Sharing how you and your animal want to spend your remaining time together, your plans for their transition, or how you want to honor their body and life after death can help you become clearer about your and your animal’s desires.

      • Request Information and Resources: If you are looking for information about cremation and burial, ideas for memorials or ceremonies, or help to locate information such as quality of life assessment tools and other resources, I can help. 

    • Grief Support

      • Share Your Memories and Stories: Whether it has been 1 day or 50 years, sharing stories about your beloved animal who has crossed over is one way you can honor yourself, your animal, and your special bond.

      • Request Information and Resources: If you would like ideas for creating a memorial or legacy project or are looking for pet loss support groups, I can help.

Even in the midst of the most serious illness, you may be surprised at how good you can feel
when you open up and share stories with others.

~ The Healing Power of Storytelling

A Caring Conversation is not grief counseling or therapy. 

Please contact a licensed mental health care professional or veterinarian when needed.

Read full Disclaimer

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Image by Prateek Gautam

Caring Conversation

Compassionate space to share, grieve, and honor your pet or to seek resources to support you and your pet.

45 Minutes

Zoom Video or Phone Call


Memorial Red Rose

Pet Loss Support Package

55 Minute Animal Communication


45 Minute Energy Therapy


45 Minute Caring Conversation


what my clients say


Julie and Dibs2_edited.jpg

Cathy held the most beautiful space in which I was able to share my loving memories of my wonderful dog, Dibs. It was really lovely for me to connect with those memories and smile and laugh at some of the funny antics Dibs got up to. It was a very heart opening experience for me, and it really honoured me as a pet owner, and Dibs as my lovely dog. Really it was about my relationship with Dibs and her relationship with my family and friends. I would totally recommend it. It really honoured her memory. Thank you so much Cathy.

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