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My name is Cathy

  • Soul Level Animal Communicator®

  • Energy Practitioner for Animals and Humans

  • Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula

I'm here to support you and your animal family during your journey together in life and help reassure you of your continued connection with your animal after they cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

My Letter to You

We love our animal family and want the best for them — from their birth to their physical death and then afterward. Just like with our human family, our time together is filled with joys, sorrows, and challenges and goes by much too quickly.


It can be hard to walk this journey alone, especially when our animal is behaving in ways we don't understand, getting older, facing health challenges, getting ready to transition, or has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. At times like these, we can all use a little support.


I'd like to help. 


what i believe

Every person has the ability to receive intuitive information from their animal family, whether the animal is in a physical body or on the other side. It's never too late to develop this ability if you desire it. 

Intuitively communicating with your animals can enrich your journey in life and your relationship with your animal family in ways you cannot imagine until you experience it for yourself. 

The end of a physical life is a sacred, holy time.


Every animal deserves to be honored, respected, and celebrated at the time of their transition.


Every human who loves that animal deserves all the comfort, support, and resources given to people who are facing the death of a member of their human family or grieving their passing.  

We have an Eternal Heart Connection with our animals, even after death.


One day, in some future generation, I hope intuitive skills will be taught at home and school, and talking with animals, nature, and our loved ones who have passed will be commonplace and a normal part of life on planet Earth.


How Can i serve you?

What my Clients say

Gina K.

Cathy is a truly gifted animal communicator. She has helped me on two occasions. The first session helped me transition a new puppy into my home. During the second session, I connected with my beloved dog that passed away a few years ago. Knowing how he is helping me in the present gave me clarity and a deep sense of comfort. 

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