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dolphin~Whale energy therapy

Did you know that you don't have to physically swim with dolphins and whales to receive the healing benefits of their energy and presence? Their unique energy is available to channel to you wherever you are in the world. 

Benefits of Dolphin Energy                                                     

  • Uplift your spirit and foster emotional healing

  • Balance energy fields and promote physical healing

Benefits of Whale Energy

  • Facilitate deep meditative states and emotional release

  • Enhance your sense of interconnectedness to all life

Every session is unique, as the Dolphins and Whales intuitively determine what you need for your highest good at that time. 

Are you ready to explore the healing possibilities that await you?

what is it?

Dolphin~Whale Energy Therapy is a complementary and alternative therapy that helps foster relaxation and stress reduction, which in turn supports healing for your animal and you. A joint Energy Therapy session for you and your animal can also help build closeness. Energy Therapy can also offer support if you are grieving the passing of your animal companion. 

Taking care of yourself is also caring for your animal

Some of the most stressful times in your life may be when a member of your animal family is sick, exhibiting behavior problems, is ready to transition, or has crossed over. Although it is often hard to make the time to care for yourself when you are worried about your animal family or are grieving the physical death of a beloved animal, you deserve some extra support and tender loving care during this time.

Taking good care of yourself is often one of the best things you can do to help your animal because they sense and are impacted by your Energy. The relaxation and stress reduction you receive from an Energy Therapy session can help you be more fully present for your animal during their time of need or present with yourself if you are grieving.

Energy is universal

Reiki is a Japanese word for the life force energy in all life -- humans, animals, plants, and more. In the Let Animals Lead® method of Reiki developed by Kathleen Prasad, the practitioner holds space for the animal by being in a state of unconditional love and respect for the animal ("being Reiki") and allows the Reiki energy to radiate from them much like the sun radiates its Energy to the earth. The practitioner focuses on the inherent perfection of the animal rather than any perceived problems or illness. Energy is not limited by space or time, so Energy can be transmitted remotely to your animal and you in the comfort and privacy of your home. 


Each human and animal is on their own life path and they decide how to engage with the Energy. We trust the inherent wisdom of the human and animal's body and their Creator so that the Energy will be received for the human and animal's highest good to support them on their personal healing journey. Although it can be difficult at times, we release our expectations of the outcome knowing that every physical body eventually dies and that sometimes transitioning out of the body is the highest outcome.

Please review this handout before your session:

What to Expect When You Schedule an Energy Therapy Session

Through meditation, when we connect heart to heart,

we can experience a deep sense of harmony and well-being that promotes healing.

~Kathleen Prasad

Energy Therapy is not a substitute for medical, psychiatric, or veterinary care;

please contact your veterinarian or licensed healthcare provider for medical needs.

Read full Disclaimer

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Image by Todd Cravens

For Your Animal & You

When you and/or your animal are experiencing ill health or stress OR when life is smooth and you would like to enrich your relationship with your animal


60 Minute Distance Session

Phone or Zoom Check-in

45 minute Energy Therapy

Phone or Zoom Debriefing

Single Session: $55

Four Sessions:  $165

For Your Animal

Energetic support for your animal

when they are ill, having surgery, stressed due to a move or other household change, or are getting older


60 Minute Distance Session

Phone or Zoom Check-in

 45 minute Energy Therapy

Phone or Zoom Debriefing

Single Session:  $55

Four Sessions:  $165

For You

Energetic support for you as you care for your animal and human family
or are grieving the passing of your animal companion 

60 Minute Distance Session

Phone or Zoom Check-in

45 minute Energy Therapy

Phone or Zoom Debriefing

Single Session:  $55

Four Sessions:  $165

What my clients say

Maverick waiting for reiki to start.jpg

Nina A.

Thank you Cathy for the wonderful Reiki sessions you did for myself and my dog, Maverick. We both found them to be relaxing and healing.

Animals enjoying Energy therapy

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