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Sacred Space Pet Memories

A time to honor your life with your animal companion

Service Description

The physical death of a beloved animal is one of the most painful things we can experience. As much as our human family and friends love and care for us, sometimes they don't understand the depth of our love for our animal and the pain and grief we are experiencing or they don't have the time to listen to us talk about our animal. If you would like to talk with someone who understands this type of pain and can bear witness to the special love you have with your animal, I would be honored to hear your stories and see your pictures of your beloved animal. I offer you an opportunity to share your memories about your physical life with your animal and what your animal means to you. No advice is offered, simply a space for you to share what is on your heart. We begin by lighting a virtual candle, acknowledging your animal, and taking a few moments of silence. The rest of the time is yours to share stories, show pictures, cry, laugh, or sit in silence. We conclude by extinguishing the candle and sending you forth with a blessing. This session may be helpful for you if a member of your animal family is preparing to transition or after they have crossed over whether that was two days ago or twenty years ago. * Zoom Video Call * Sacred Space Pet Memories is not grief counseling or therapy. I am not a therapist, grief counselor, clergy, or veterinary professional and am simply another person who is walking a similar journey. Please contact a licensed mental health care provided when needed.

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