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Nature's Wisdom Roadmap Reading

Learn how to live well using the wisdom of nature

Service Description

The green wisdom of nature is the absolute best mentor and model for success in Business, Relationships, Health, Energy, Personal Growth, and the ability to Sustain a Long, Prosperous Life. -- James Wanless, PhD. We are a part of nature, part of the web of life, intricately entwined with every human, plant, animal, rock, and tree on earth but we often forget this. Nature has much to tell us about how to live well. A "roadmap" reading with the "Sustain Yourself" cards developed by James Wanless will offer insight into your relationship with nature and advice for navigating life and creating a future of choice. The session begins with you setting an intention for the reading and includes time for you to reflect on the cards pulled and look for intuitive action steps you can take to bring the messages into your life. * Zoom Video Call * Choose from one of the readings below Four Seasons A 4-card reading providing insight on the different seasons of your life. What does Mother Nature want you to know about each season? • Spring: what to start • Summer: what to maintain • Fall: what to harvest • Winter: what to rest and plan for Synergy: The Whole Energized You A 5-card personal ecology reading. Mother Nature provides guidance and wisdom to assist you with these facets of your life. • Mental Clarity • Emotional Expressiveness • Physical Energy • Spiritual Growth • Worldly Success Ask Mother Nature A 5-card reading inviting insight and wisdom from Mother Nature about your work, relationships, finances, health, and purpose.

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