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Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula Services


Image by Javardh


It is not an easy subject to think about or discuss.


It frightened me for much of my life and it still does when I think about a family member or friend or one of my animal companions transitioning. That's why I feel it is so important to help bring sacred death care and support to people who are facing the death of a beloved animal. And if we are honest with ourselves that will be most of us at some point during our lifetime because our animals live shorter lives than we do. 

We write living wills and prepare Advance Directives and attend programs like the Best 3 Months(c)

Help you think about and plan for the passing of your animal so you can create when possible beautiful memories to savor and help you find closure and peace in the midst of the grief and turmoil.

The US is not a good place to die...for humans. What is it like for animals? I don't know but I want to make it better for them and for us, the humans who love them. 

Where is the best place to die?

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