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Hello. My name is Cathy. 

I am an animal communicator and Reiki practitioner who can help you with end of life planning for your animal family and support you as you adjust to a new relationship with your animal on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

I am an animal communicator and a human and animal Reiki practitioner who can support you and your animal family during your journey in life and beyond. 

Animal Communication: For the times when you want to hear from your animal to better understand what they need, learn about the important soul lesson they have been teaching you, be reassured of your continued connection with them after they transition, or learn how your animal family is handling the declining health or passing of another member of the family. 

Support for You or Your Animal:  For the times when you and your animal could use an energetic hug to enfold you as your animal's health declines and you are caring for them or afterwards when you are grieving their passing. And for the times when you are looking for a gentle heart to bear witness to the beautiful memories you have of your animal before they passed. 

Animal and Nature Wisdom:  For the times when you would like to learn from the deep wisdom of nature and find some guidance for this season of your life. .

For more information about the services, please visit my FAQ page.
Special pricing options available for a combination of services.
Services may make a thoughtful gift for someone you know.


My New Journey

So how did I end up here, offering animal communication services and Reiki? I am not sure. I did not plan it but I recognize the need for theses services and want to help. It was one step at a time. As I had the personal need to know and learn and understand I took classes. And I am still learning and growing.


I have known the importance of animal communication when my animals were healthy and while they were dying and also the comfort and reassurance of receiving messages from the other side. I have known the support and wisdom of a pet death doula to walk alongside me during these difficult times in life. If the road I have walked can help in some small way, then I am willing.

I am now sharing my life with these two handsome men, Benjamin (left) and Fritz (right). These two shy fellows had been living in a shelter for almost three years and overlooked by all the other people looking for animal companions until the day Benjamin called out to me. Now, with the help of animal communication, we are learning how to be a family. 


When you know they are trying to tell you something


Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural.

They show us what's missing in our lives,
and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally.

They connect us back to who we are, and to the purpose of why we're here.

--Trisha McCagh

I have known the joy and excitement and nervousness of being a new "Mom" to a tiny kitten and later the joy and challenges of bringing another cat into the household. We experienced the ups and downs of a long life together and then the heartbreak of saying good-bye. I have felt the shock and numbness of hearing a terminal diagnosis and the confusion about the best course of treatment, wanting to do what was best for them in their last days and not being sure what they wanted and needed. There is fear and uncertainty as well as the special closeness during those last days, weeks, and months together. And then the grief and the emptiness after their passing, hanging on to the special signs and communication from them from the other side. Eventually, after some time, being led to two new cats to join our family and the excitement and challenges of adjusting to each other amidst the sadness of missing my first two cats.

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