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Reiki for Humans

Energetic support for you as you care for your animal family

Service Description

Some of the most stressful times in your life may be when a member of your animal family is sick, exhibiting behavior problems, is ready to transition, or has crossed over. Although it is often hard to make the time to care for yourself when you are worried about your animal family or are grieving the physical death of a beloved animal, you deserve some extra support and tender loving care during this time. Taking good care of yourself is often one of the best things you can do to help your animal. Reiki is a gentle energy technique that can help foster relaxation and stress reduction so you can be better able to be fully present for your animal during their time of need or present with yourself as you are grieving. Reiki energy is the life force energy that connects all life. It can be sent to you while you are in the comfort and privacy of your home and the practitioner is in another location. We trust the inherent wisdom of your body to receive and use the energy for your highest good without preconceived expectations of the outcome. * Distance Reiki is offered because energy is not limited by time or space * Schedule your session at a time when you can be in a quiet environment without interruptions or distractions and can be resting comfortably in a recliner, chair, bed or couch * Brief Phone or Zoom check-in with you before and after your session * Reiki is not a substitute for medical or mental health care; please contact a licensed medical or mental health care provider when needed

Cancellation Policy

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Contact Details

(319) 237-7387

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