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Reiki for Animals

Energetic support for your animal family

Service Description

Is your animal sick, undergoing surgery, stressed due to a move or change in family structure, getting older, or ready to transition? These are just some of the times when your animal family may benefit from a Reiki session to help foster relaxation and stress reduction which in turn supports healing. Reiki is a Japanese word for the life force energy that is in all life -- humans, animals, plants, and more. In the Let Animals Lead® method of Reiki developed by Kathleen Prasad, the practitioner holds space for the animal by being in a state of unconditional love and respect for the animal ("being Reiki") and allows the Reiki energy to radiate from them much like the sun radiates its energy to the earth. The practitioner focuses on the inherent perfection of the animal rather than any perceived problems or illness. The energy is transmitted remotely to your animal in any location. Each animal is on their own life path and they decide whether to receive the Reiki and how to engage with the energy. We trust the inherent wisdom of the animal's body and their Creator so that the Reiki energy will be received for the animal's highest good to support them on their personal healing journey. Although it can be difficult at times, we release our expectations of the outcome knowing that every physical body eventually dies and that sometimes transitioning out of the body is the highest outcome. * Distance Animal Reiki is offered because energy is not limited by time or space * Brief Phone or Zoom check-in with you before and after your animal's session * Your animal does not need to be present with you or be resting during the session * Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care; please contact your veterinarian for medical needs Healing is about touching hearts, not hands. ~ Kathleen Prasad

Cancellation Policy

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Contact Details

(319) 237-7387

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