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25 Min Soul Level Animal Communication®

1 animal, 1 question

Service Description

You love your animal and want to take the best care of them but sometimes it is hard to know what they need from you. Or maybe you are missing your animal who has passed and want to know they are okay. A 20 minute session will allow time for your animal to respond to the one question your heart most wants to ask. I will intuitively connect with you and your animal to get to know you both, ask your question, and then invite your animal to share the Soul Lesson they are teaching you and how you can work with them to learn this lesson. * Phone or Zoom call * Any type of animal, bird, fish, horse, reptile, etc. in physical body or on the other side * No animal photo needed * Your animal does not need to be with you during the call * Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care; please contact your veterinarian for medical needs

Cancellation Policy

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Contact Details

(319) 237-7387

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